iOS 6 Mapping Data Partly Supplied by TomTom

The team at Apple designing the brand new Map app that will be replacing Google Maps in iOS 6 did not quite design the solution from the ground-up; they have partnered with TomTom in order to provide the practically worldwide mapping data as well as other “related information.” This comes to light as TomTom has signed a global agreement with Apple, however the company will not elaborate further on specifics.

Much of the iOS 6 map app’s exquisite mapping comes from the partnership with TomTom, especially including development of the included complete turn-by-turn feature. Users were quick to spot TomTom  references in the new beta map app.

Mapping and navigation solutions have been staples of Dutch GPS manufacturer TomTom, which was founded in 1991 with a successful debut in PDA mapping software. Today TomTom is a multi-billion dollar company that sells navigation devices (GPS products), provides in-dashboard navigation, and offers applications for mobile devices.

TomTom’s stock has increased 15% as a result of the TomTom data integration. The company issued a brief one-setence press release following Apple’s WWDC keynote. Turn-by-turn applications are sure to take a steep hit in downloads from the inclusion in iOS 6, further increasing value of the TomTom partnership.

Various TomTom apps are available in the App Store for a number of regions, including a $49.99 appfor the United States that has been available since Apple added a GPS chip to the iPhone with the introduction of iPhone 3G. However, the app does not compare to the free solution provided in iOS 6 that features 3D maps and Siri integration. Although the app does offer one feature that the iOS 6 maps are not slated to have… character voices (including Homer Simpson, available through an in-app purchase)!

[via TomTom PR]