iOS 5.0.1 Released to Public, How to Update Without iTunes

It seems that Apple decided to go ahead and give the go to iOS 5.0.1 earlier than we had initially thought. Releasing today, the update brings along multiple new minor features, the most significant, however, being the highly anticipated iPhone 4S battery patch.

The update, which was slowly released worldwide according to region, mainly addresses a few bugs. The main fix that most people were greatly waiting for, was of course, the promised patch to rectify the iPhone 4S battery issues. I haven’t used iOS 5.0.1 long enough to see how much of a difference the battery life is from before, but I’m just hoping that it’s significant…

Here is what accompanies iOS 5.0.1:
-Fixes bugs affecting battery life
-Adds Multitasking gestures for original iPad
-Resolves bugs with Documents in the Cloud
-Improves voice recognition for Australian users using dictation

I didn’t see that many people across various forms were having problems with battery life – not only limited to 4S users. And some people were ticked that Apple was only fixing the issue for 4S users. I’m guessing by that first note above that other devices’ battery issues have also been corrected.

Now, the good part. This is probably the first time of many that you’ll be updating straight from your devices, of course only if you have iOS 5. It’s simple to do so:

1. Navigate to Settings
2. Click on General
3. Further, click on Software Updates
4. By this time, the update should be available worldwide, so it should show up immediately on your screen. Just click the update, and you should be all set. Your device will download the update and then will update your device followed by an automatic restart.
5. Voila!

Let us know below if you noticed any changes in your battery life regardless of the device that you own.