iOS 4.3 Update

Yesterday during the Apple event we were told that Apple would release the iOS 4.3 update on March 11th. So what does this update mean and what exactly will it include? Improved Safari performance, better AirPlay, updated Home Sharing, Personal Hotspot for iPhone 4, and more will be included in the update. Here is a breakdown of the biggest new features.

Safari-Apple Developers used the Nitro JavaScript engine to amp up Safari stating the speed will be twice as fast asĀ  the previous iOS update. Users will be shocked at how fast pages will load with this increase in speed.

AirPlay-The AirPlay technology will allow wireless streaming of multimedia content from the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to an HDTV or Apple TV. The update will also allow apps and websites use of AirPlay to let users stream multimedia content. With this feature you can record video or take pictures with your device and instantly share with everyone in the room.

Hotspot for iPhone 4-The iPhone 4 will get the personal hotspot feature option that will allow the iPhone to transform into a mobile hotspot. The update will allow up to five Wi-Fi devices through the hotspot feature. The Verizon iPhone 4 debuted with this feature that now all iPhone owners will be able to take advantage of.

iTunes Home Sharing-You can browse your iTunes library from anywhere in the home using your [authoravatars roles=administrator,editor,author user_link=authorpage show_name=true show_postcount=true order=display_name,asc]iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with the improved sharing features. Watch a movie or listen to a podcast downloaded to your laptop on your iPhone without downloading.

Most of the new features are nothing to jump for joy over but the Mobile Hotspot feature will be a huge plus to many. This will change the way a lot of us use our devices. So many had jailbroken their phone just for this reason, now we can all take advantage of this feature.