iOS 4.3.2 Available, Fixes Facetime and iPad 2 Connectivity Issues

Apple released a new version of iOS today, 4.3.2, for all iOS 4-compatible devices except the CDMA iPhone 4. The update a contains a few awaited bug fixes and security improvements.

Users who have had trouble with their iPad 2′s 3G connectivity will be happy to hear that this update is supposed to get rid of the 3G qualms since Apple claims that it fixes the issue. Anybody who has witnessed video becoming blank or freezing while using Facetime: well, this is your lucky day too as those bugs are gone. Rest assured that your iOS device will be more secure as well post-update thanks to vague security upgrades.

Interestingly enough, an update for the the CDMA iPhone 4 is also available today, but under the 4.2.7 moniker. 4.2.7 does not include the Facetime bug fixes and is exclusively for the CDMA iPhone 4.

Users can download 4.3.2 and 4.2.7 now through iTunes.

Written by Michael DeLisi