Internet Ablaze Over a Video of an iPhone 4S Spontaneously Catching on Fire

With the complexity of the electronics we keep in our pockets, is it really safe to say we can trust that they won’t burn our legs or start smoking to the point of a flaming fiasco? Video courtesy of a “security camera” demonstrates that some people may not be that lucky when it comes to gadget safety.

After slamming his car door and proceeding through the parking lot, a Finnish man notices smoke coming from none other than his jean pocket. Quickly realizing the source, he throws his iPhone onto the pavement in a showing of hasty, smokey worry during a moment of desperation. Once on the ground, smoke emission begins to let up and thus the victim returns to safety as another man arrives to inspect the scene.

Although uploaded yesterday on July 2, the uploader claims that the video is three months old. Why wait so long? Laziness, we figure. Or maybe fear was sinking into his brain… he was haunted by visions of technology attacking; perhaps he could not even approach an electronic device without worrying about its intentions. More rational reasoning would say that he was worried that his stroke of bad luck with technology going aflame would continue.

Either way, we are obliged to call the uploader’s bluff on this one. Firstly, the video is too low-resolution to make out whether it was in fact an iPhone in question. Not to mention how the security camera is fixated on the perfect angle for shot. Then the phone begins smoking the second that the barely-distraught man leaves his car. Also, there’s the oddity of the heavy thickness of the smoke that’s being emitted from such a tiny device in a matter of seconds. It does not even appear that the man who enters the shot afterward had been informed of what had happened, yet he rushes to touch the source of the smoke without fear of a burn.

Despite how I believe that this has more weight behind it being fake, we felt that this could become viral very quickly and wanted to break the video that will send many troll commenters into heated debates about authenticity. If real, the battery would be the culprit. If fake, poor acting and cheap smoke effects are where we can place the blame.

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