Interesting Yet Totally Pointless iPhone Case

This following iPhone case has been the word of the internet lately for its unusual nature. While others may be condoning checking it out, indirectly, we are warning you to stay away – it’s still interesting to take a close look at though. More below.

Constructed of a thick and heavy slab of steel, Japanese parts-maker Marudai is boasting their case without deserving need. Dubbed simply the “armor case”, the cover houses your iPhone inside and backs it with a thick layer of material that can supposedly withstand a .50 caliber bullet. Weighing in at a whopping 4.4 pounds, I’m not questioning whether or not the case can take a shot from such a powerful bullet – instead, I’m wondering why you’d ever want to invest $650 on such a bulky case.

Judging solely from the product shots, you can tell the case won’t easily fit in a [average] pocket. It would be a huge hassle to lug around everywhere and the natural elegance of the iPhone has been sucked up by the case’s personality-less style.

The only situation where something like this would sort of come in need would be the obvious first thought that shot (pun intended) into your mind when you saw this article; if you were in the army. Even then, I can think of a few reasons why the need for the armor case would be completely obsolete.

  • you wouldn’t have anywhere to put your phone
  • why would you have your phone on your person?
  • what would be your motive to try and salvage your phone if your life was on the line?
  • would you go to an effort to make sure the backside of the case was facing fire?

Hey they even throw in a complimentary dummy bullet with the purchase of the case. Who would’ve thought? Yes Marudai, April Fool’s Day was more than two weeks ago. Stop pulling that.

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