Intel Says iPhone’s ARM Processor Is Too Slow, Should Use Intel Chip Instead

The main thing holding the iPhone back right now is its under-powered ARM processors, according to Intel. Pankaj Kedia, Director of Ecosystems in the ultra-mobility group of the company, commented at the Intel Developer Forum in Taiwan yesterday that the iPhone’s processors aren’t powerful enough for intensive apps, and are holding back the cellphone industry.

“Any sort of application that requires any horsepower at all and the iPhone struggles,” said mobility group VP Shane Wall.

Wall says that the iPhone has managed to push through the limitations of the processor with a well-designed interface and Steve Jobs’s product promotion abilities. However, he maintains his position that the device would greatly benefit from an Intel-made chip.

While they have yet to make a name for themselves in the cellphone world, Intel has been making efforts to expand into this area. How successful they would be in getting an Intel chip in the iPhone is questionable, however, since Apple acquired PA Semi for the specific purpose of designing Apple’s own ARM-based processors for the iPhone.

[via ZDNet]

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