4 Nearing Completion

Those waiting for 3rd party unofficial apps on their iPhone running the 2.0 software will be happy to hear that progress is being made on getting 4 working. People close to the project claim that the unofficial software utility is nearing completion. Currently they say that they are currently working on connecting a revamped graphical interface to the functional component of the software. When this is completed, repository authors will be asked to come on board for testing.

Along with the new interface, Installer 4 will include a new repository structure that will reduce traffic problems for both iPhone owners and repository owners alike. Each .Zip package is now expected to include a descriptive .plist file, which is inserted into the repository engine in key locations. Developers also have the option to specify a custom URL for package info for more elaborate descriptions.

It is expected that, as with previous versions, the new will be available with a future version of the Pwnage Tool, but may also appear on Cydia or as a stand-alone download.

[via MacNN]

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