Installer 4 Leaked

A beta version of Installer 4 that was seeded to repository owners was leaked this weekend, releasing the alternative app source to the iPhone-hacking community. The new version has been highly anticipated, as it will be the first to run on the 2.0 software, meaning it will run along side the App Store.

Developers were given their copy so they could have their repository ready to be up and running on the new version. It’s still in beta of course, but those who’ve seen it say it is a noticeable improvement over Installer v3.

iClarified was one of these developers to get their hands on the beta, and they posted a few screen shots of the new software.

The software was leaked publicly to Rapidshare as a .RAR file. If you’d like to try installing it, you can do so by placing it on a jailbroken device in the /Applications folder.

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