Instagram Update Introduces New Camera Design & Filter

Photography enthusiasts undoubtedly spend tons of time editing photos to reflect their absolute perfection. Part of the reason popular photo-sharing social network, Instagram rose to the top so quickly is the fact that the app can makes just about any picture look decent with the simple touch of a button. The already fantastic mobile application, to the pleasure of Instagram fans, was further improved today with the release of the app’s 3.2 version update.

Today, Instagram launched a new update across iOS and Android mobile operating systems launching a few, new notable feaures. Among the many new improvements is an updated camera as well as a brand spanking new filter. Dubbed Willow, the filter will add to the already extensive collection of filters the app previously offered.

“You’ve asked for more filters, and we’re excited to announce a brand new filter,” Instagram said in a blog post earlier this afternoon. “Willow is a monochrome filter with subtle purple tones and a translucent glowing white border.”

The new filter is apparently most effective with portraits, still life and architecture photographs with contrast. Pictured to the right, you can see that the filter essentially makes a photo black and white with slight hints of purple and a white border. Before today’s update, the only filter for black and white photos was Inkwell.

With the update, the network also launched a new camera design, giving the old version a complete revamp from the bottom up. The camera interface not only differs in visual aesthetics, but it’s also a great step forward in terms of overall intuitiveness. As the smallest addition, the interface was given an Instagram-themed shutter and shutter release button. Other notable additions include easier access to the camera roll for iPhone 5 users, improved tilt-shift functionality, a constraint guide for live pictures and also better representational examples of each and every filter.



by Instagram, Inc.


According to the aforementioned blog post, “the camera has been the core part of the Instagram experience since the day,” it was launched and significant improvements have been made to its, “look and speed.

Along with the two large features described above, Instagram also tweaked/added other smaller things such as: a new news-feed displaying larger images, infinite scroll when browsing a user’s profile, and also a new album in a user’s Photos app specifically for Instagram pictures.

You can download the new 3.2 update of Instagram for free on the App Store.