iNotes To Bring Lotus Domino Web Support To iPhone

One of the criticisms with the iPhone as a business device is it’s lack of support for Lotus Notes, but that’s about to change. IBM has offered a sneak peak of Lotus iNotes, a specially designed web client for it’s Lotus Domino messaging server. The new interface will offer email, calendar, and contacts support, which they say will “bring the enterprise to your Apple iPhone”.

Not only does the new software look to be a boost for the iPhone in the enterprise market, but it also shows a new attitude being taken by IBM toward software development for Apple products. Historically, the company has placed a greater focus on development for the Windows PC platform. More recently, they have shown new interest in Apple’s platforms, shown in their release of the Informix Data Server 11 for Mac OS X Server.

“Bring IBM® Lotus® Domino® email, calendar, and contacts to your Apple iPhone. Planned for delivery in 2008 as IBM Lotus iNotes™ software, Lotus Notes data will combine with the flexibility and connectivity of the Apple iPhone. To be built on the time tested IBM Lotus Domino Web Access infrastructure, users will be able to quickly access email, calendars, and contacts through the rich Apple iPhone user experience.”

IBM published a series of screenshots of the new interface (along with a disclaimer stating that they were subject to change without notice). The screenshots show views of several features:

  • email, calendars, and contacts access
  • email inbox
  • showing/hiding email details
  • quickly composing or replying to email
  • attaching and sending files
  • the day-at-a-glance calendar view
  • viewing details on meetings, all-day events, reminders, and anniversaries
  • viewing an organized view of your contacts
  • viewing detailed information on individual contacts or groups of contacts
  • quickly creating new contact entries

More information about the software is available at

[via Apple Insider]

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