Indie Devs Band Together Against “EDGE” Trademark

Tim Langdell became infamous for his frivolous copyright claims against Mobigame for their super-awesome iPhone game, EDGE [App Store, $4.99], which he said infringed on his copyright on the word. As a result, it was removed by Apple, brought back, removed again, and brought back again, during and after which he also had numerous other apps pulled for also using the world “EDGE” anywhere in their title. Now, to protest Langdell’s latest target, several indie developers are putting “EDGE” in the names of their games.

The list:

The move appears to be a backlash against the recent takedown of Killer Edge Racing.

Killer Edge Racing from PuzzleKings is the latest game to be targeted by IP hunter Timothy Langdell, who has complained to Apple that the casual title is infringing his Edge trade mark.
Additionally, it appears that Langdell has now applied to register a trade mark for “Killer Edge Racing” in a bid to prevent PuzzleKings from using the name, despite the fact that the game has been around for five years.

[via Touch Arcade]

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