Inactive Phishing Protection Filter In Safari Found In OS 3.1

According to The Mac Security Blog, the iPhone OS 3.1 update released earlier this week adds an anti-phishing feature in Mobile Safari similar to the one in it’s desktop counterpart. The feature, which is not active in the update but still present, should warn users when they are visiting a known malicious website and asks if they want to continue.

As mentioned, nobody seems to know why, but the feature is not working yet. When they tried feeding it the URLs of some known malicious webpages, they opened as though they weren’t being filtered. Some people have written in saying they got warnings for sites that others don’t.

That said, it is recommended that for the time being, everyone should err on the side of caution and assume that they are not protected. Always make sure you have the right URL before entering sensitive information.

[via The Mac Security Blog]

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