Imagination Technologies May Bring OpenCL Acceleration, HD-Video Out To iPhone?

Since Imagination Technologies revealed that Apple was their mysterious client, and that they are the ones making the chips for the iPhone and iPod touch, there has been a lot of speculation as to what it could possibly mean for the future of the iPhone and iPod touch. Now, they have posted some job openings that might point to OpenCL acceleration in future models.

Imagination Technologies has posted several job openings for OpenCL engineers, which may be a clue that the GPU parallelism technology Apple will be implementing in Mac OS X Snow Leopard will find a home in their future products, including chips intended for the iPhone and iPod touch. Listings include jobs as an OpenCL Compiler Senior Design Engineer, OpenCL Driver Design Engineer, and OpenCL Compiler Design Engineer.

All four of the openings are asking for individuals with experience with “embedded real-time operating systems”, kernel assembly language development skills, and a focus on “software for current and next generation graphics hardware.” Speculation is that these mobile graphics chips will likely be intended for the iPhone and iPod touch, making it possible for the devices to eventually include some of Snow Leopard’s graphics optimizations down the line.

Additionally, Chris Foresman with Ars Technica speculates that the announcement may also mean HD-out for the devices if Apple decides to go with the VXD chipset. With external display support, it would be capable of throwing high-def video onto a TV screen, something that might prove very interesting given Erica Sadun’s video-out discovery.

[via AppleInsider, Ars Technica]

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