iLuv Introduces New Speaker Dock & HD Radio For iPhone, iPod

iLuv has announced a new speaker dock that combines iPhone and iPod Touch compatibility with an HD radio. It’s the iHD171 HD Radio with iTunes Tagging, and can tune into any AM/FM HD station or multicast station in addition to being able to play music from the iPhone.

iTunes Tagging lets users tag music tracks played over HD radio so they can check it out again later, with the information saved on the connected device. It also synchronizes the clock with the iPhone/iPod so the clock will always be the same.

It comes with 30 programmable presets, can charge your iPhone or iPod, and has an auxiliary line input for any 3.5mm audio device. It also features 4 watts RMS power (x2) and iLuv’s jAura Acoustic Speaker Technology. They will be available starting in January for $199.99.

[via GearLog]

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