iLava Gives You An Interactive Lava Lamp, Imitates Jeff Han Demonstration

Remember the Jeff Han demo at the TED Conference? You know, the one where he demoed the lava lamp on his multi-touch display? If you do, then you’ll no doubt appreciate a new application in the App Store.

iLava [iTunes link] is an application that imitates the application that Jeff Han demoed — except you can use it on either your iPhone or iPod touch. Touch the lava and it will heat up; swipe the lava to make it move around in the virtual “lamp.” You can even merge multiple pieces of lava together by pinching them together. The blobs will rise and fall based on the screen orientation.

If you like interesting applications, this might be one to check out. At the $.99 (US) price, the app isn’t too expensive either. Check out the video (below) to see a demo of the app.

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