Ikee Creator Gets Threats, Job Offer

The creator of the rickrolling worm Ikee created quite a stir the other weekend when his self-replicating software was discovered spreading around iPhones across Australia. Since then, he’s been discovered, and he says he’s recieved both death threats and even a job offer for what he’s done.

His name is Ashley Towns, a 21 year old developer from Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia. He says that the worm was just an “experiment” that got out of his control: “I didn’t really think about legal consequences at the time. I honestly never expected it to go this far.”

Now he says that the angry iPhone users have been contacting him against his will. “A lot of random people have been making threats and someone even figured out my mobile number and published it online.” On the bright side, one developer offered him a job.

Interestingly, despite the backlash by affected jailbreakers, an online poll says 75% of 721 people think he did “iPhone users a favour”.

[via Illawarra Mercury]

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