iHelicopters Launches Second Product, iPhone Controlled Stunt Car

The number of things you can control from your iPhone has steadily been augmented to now content almost any enthusiast. Whether or not you like making payments, controlling robotic spheres, previously helicopters and now a stunt car, it can be done straight from the iPhone. iHelicopters.net introduces their newest product, the iPhone Controlled Stunt Car.

Available for $49.95, the iPhone Controlled Stunt Car promises fun for people of all ages undoubtedly. The RC car measures 11.0 x 7.0 x 2.7 cm and has an internal 100mAh battery for means of power. The lithium ion battery is charged by an included USB cable. Thanks to a small transmitter that comes along with the RC Car and plugs into your iOS device’s headphone jack, you can control the car from up to 20 meters away.

Check out the official video of the car in action:

To control the car, you must download the controller application from the App Store. The application has an virtual joystick incorporated as well as Gyro controls that both control the movement of the car alike. You’ll be able to control the forward, backward and right/left movement of the car by means of the two methods.

Things like this really just make me all tingly inside. Not just because they’d be a blast to play with, but because the potential of what you can achieve with iOS devices is truly limitless. You can pick up your own iPhone controlled stunt car from its official page for $49.95.

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