iGameboy Springboard Theme Turns iPhone Into Lo-Tech Geek Machine [Updated]

Looking to upgrade the geek-factor with your iPhone? Inject a heap of nostalgia and relive the early 90s with the iGameboy custom springboard theme for the iPhone. The custom skin will turn your high-tech, super-shiny iPhone into a low-tech, big-pixeled original Gameboy. Technology may have come a long way, but that doesn’t mean you have to follow it.

There are two versions available; the button version (left) and the full-screen version (right):

You can download them and get more informaiton on how to install the themes at the MacThemes forums. Jailbreak is required.

Edit: We just got word that these themes were actually created by none other than Rob Sheridan, the art director for Nine Inch Nails. We hear he was working on it during the band’s tour in South America.
Thanks, Omar!

[Gizmodo via Phantom Leap]

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