IG Fun Porting BioShock To The iPhone

Sure, the Turbo Grafix-16 Emulator we told you about yesterday is fun and all, but I’m sure many of you, like myself, are wondering when we’re going to see some real games on the iPhone. I myself don’t know, but IG Fun wants to be the people to help make it happen. They have announced that they are trying to port none other than BioShock to mobile platforms, including Symbian and our personal favorite, the iPhone.

Allegedly they have already successfully ported the game over to a BREW handset. It was non-interactive, making it not very useful, but IG Fun CEO Sean Malatesta claimed that it wasn’t a video and the graphics were being rendered on the device in real time.

Their biggest challenges will be figuring out how to implement controls on mobile devices and successfully translating the atmosphere to mobile devices’ small screens. Either way, it will be a pleasant change of pace. Now if only someone would get Quake 3 for the iPhone to the public.

(…and Portal. Somebody port Portal, too.)

[Pocket Gamer via iSmashPhone]

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