iFuntastic v6 Released

BitSplit has released version 6 of iFuntastic, the iPhone customization utility for the Mac. The new version adds support for iPhone software version 2.0.2, as well as some new features.


  • support for 2.0.2 firmware (only)
  • faster File Manager
  • The Bit Pit – a simplified File Manager; data transfer to and from *unjailbroken* devices
  • Notes and SMS backup to disk
  • support for WinterBoard theme creation (see video guides)
  • image edit settings that can be applied to *all* application icons for easy theme creation
  • simplified e-mail signature themes; switch your customized (with images and/or URLs) signatures on the fly

Full price for the new iFuntastic is $19.95, 3 Day Trial $4.95. Upgrading from previous versions costs $9.95. You can purchase the app or learn more at iFuntastic.com.

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