iFuntastic gets an update (again)

I know we just announced iFuntastic v2, but bitSplit saw all of the comments you folks made and decided to make some quick improvements. If you don’t know already, iFuntastic is an iPhone modding GUI for mere mortals. First on the list of improvements is a “news” section of the app where changes are posted. You can rename the app to anything you like, as well. The “Home Screen” can be rearranged much more extensively and .m4p is now a recognized extension. More after the break!

Download iFuntastic from Rapidshare & iPhone Alley. As always, there’s no difference, just a choice!

New features:

* iFuntastic will now work when renamed. Previously, the package *had* to be named ‘iFuntastic’.
* Carrier logos don’t have a special PNG format, after all; regular PNGs will do!
That means you can very easily create your own.

* renamed ‘Display Order’ to ‘Home Screen’ and removed restrictions on icon movement.
It turns out that icons can be freely moved about! Made the hidden ‘DemoApp’ and ‘FieldTest’
apps visible and introduced a ‘pasteboard’ where you can move applications from the Home Screen
to hide them.

* Added ‘.m4p’ as a recognized song file format.
* Added a news feature to the Welocme screen, displaying this info.
* Added more sample logos and ringtones.

Pictures of new features:


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