iFund Blog Offers Tips On Developing iPhone Apps

Those of you interested in developing apps of your own may find this interesting. Bing Gordon, frontman for the $100M iFund investment initiative from KPCB, started a blog a while back to share his thoughts and ideas surrounding the iFund and app development. Earlier today he wrote another post with advice to people looking to get into the developing game.

In his post, Mr. Gordon explains how the first wave of developers to get their apps into the app store benifited from launching apps on a new platform. He also said that, while it is too late to ride the App Store’s opening, there are lessons to be learned from it, like to be similar opportunities down the road.

He also suggested a few methods for deciding what app to develop. His suggestion was to consider polling your target audience to get their reaction on some possible ideas. Something that digitalizes a hobby or takes advantage of the technology is a good start. Choosing a development team that fits the project is also important.

He also offered his opinion on app design:

“What does that mean for iPhone developers besides dressing your avatars in black turtlenecks? Beauty and style matter on iPhone, perhaps moreso than on any previous interactive platform. And of course, an iPhone app should leverage the best of iPhones new tech and interface, be intuitive, gorgeous and polished to a superior luster. It must be pleasing to touch, playful to tilt and twist, puckish to pinch. In short, your iPhone app should be “insanely great.” But if you’ve read this far, you probably already knew that.”

Check out his whole post at the iFundVC Blog.

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