iFixit Posts Complete iPhone 3G Disassembly

iFixit has posted all of its disassembly pictures of the iPhone 3G. If you recall, iFixit traveled to New Zealand in order to be the first to completely disassemble the phone. They ended up being #4 and were able to take some remarkably good photos of the take-apart. iFixit is currently attempting to document all the chips in use on the phone. The first one they’ve identified is an Apple-branded Samsung ARM processor. Additional identifications will follow throughout the day.

A few things to note:

  • Disassembling the phone was much easier than it was last yaer

  • The glass sensor and LCD pane are no longer stuck together. They’re now held together with screws for easy repairs
  • The logic and communications boards are now one long piece
  • The battery is no longer soldered to the board for much easier repairs.

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