If You Want an iPad 2 Soon, You Will Need to Find One Now

As disaster strikes Japan, it has consequences both in the country and worldwide. It can be surprising just how far-reaching this disaster is, with it even affecting iPad 2 production. It is a tragedy for the many Japanese people and those with family in Japan, and we had previously written about how you can donate on the App Store to provide aid. Ironically, the earthquake occurred on the same day of the iPad 2 launch, which may have been one of the last days Apple could manufacture new tablets for a while.

iSuppli reports that not just one, but five crucial parts in the iPad 2 are manufactured in Japan: Toshiba’s NAND flash memory, Elpida Memory’s DRAM, an electronic compass produced by AKM Semiconductor, the glass covering the front of the iPad 2 if it is indeed provided by Asahi Glass Co. as suspected, and finally the battery that comes from Apple Japan. Not all aforementioned manufacturers have damaged factories, but shipping is difficult at the moment.

While some parts, such as the NAND flash memory, are provided by multiple manufacturers in various countries, others may be produced exclusively by some Japanese companies. The lithium-ion battery joins the the front glass as claiming the title of exclusively manufactured by Japanese companies. At least the new Japan-produced glass is reportedly more durable than the glass on the first-generation iPad, even if you might not get your hands on it for quite a while.

What the Japanese earthquake means for you, potential iPad 2 buyer, is that Apple may not be able to quickly and efficiently manufacture new stock for the tons of people waiting to purchase the tablet. So if you do not try your best to get the iPad 2 you have been itching to own now (as in right now), you could probably just fuggedaboutit for at least another month due to fairly severe manufacturing issues and extremely high demand.

If all stores near you are still consistently completely out of iPad 2 stock, you should read our tips for getting a shiny new iPad 2 on eBay.

Written by Michael DeLisi