iEmulator To Make PC Emulator For iPhone, iPod Touch

The company who makes iEmulator, the PC emulator for Mac OS X, announced that they have begun using the SDK to create iEmulator Touch, a ported version for the iPhone and iPod touch. Their is to let customers use Windows Mobile software “… ‘right out of the box’. We want to ensure that using iEmulator Touch is as easy as possible.”

“The complete internal redevelopment of iEmulator is wrapping up very soon,” said John Czlonka, General Manager of “We felt it was a perfect opportunity to also provide PC emulation functionality to the leading mobile computing and connectivity platform: the iPhone and iPod Touch.”

For instance, the iPhone has no real CD or DVD access aside from that of the computer it’s synced to. Still, they think the SDK will be a big help.

“Apple’s new iPhone and iPod Touch software development kit is allowing us to quickly port iEmulator to these innovative devices,” he went on to say. “It’s an amazing development and operating environment.”

iEmulator Touch will be available in the second quarter of 2008, shortly after iEmulator 1.8.0 for Mac OS X is released.

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