Id To Launch iPhone/iPod Exclusive Game ‘Doom Resurrection’, Original Doom Next Month

John Carmack has annoucned that id Software, in partnership with Escalation Studios, are creating a new Doom game built exclusively for the iPhone and iPod touch called Doom Resurrection. The first person shooter is described as an “on rails” experience, where the player is moved through the levels, having to tilt the device to aim and tap to shoot at the various monsters. It will also include original levels with art from Doom 3 for the PC.

The story line will parallel Doom 3, centering around trying to stop Hell’s invasion of Earth. It is expected to launch some time next month, as will id’s port of the original 1993 version of Doom for the Apple mobile platform, at undetermined prices. Open source code will also be provided for the creation of custom levels and mods.

Touch Arcade got a hands-on look at WWDC. They say that while the on-rails experience may kill it for many reviewers, it was still enjoyable.

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