Id Porting Quake, Doom, Wolfenstein To iPhone recently interviewed id Software founder John Carmack, who revealed plans to bring three of their existing lines to the iPhone, as well as a bit on their original iPhone title currently in the works. Carmack said that Wolfenstein RPG is nearing completion, and Quake III is currently running on the device. He also said they hope to bring the whole Quake and Doom lines over at some point.

But literally before I came in on this interview, I was going around poking with some of our old titles. I’m really looking forward to bringing over an id classics line — start with “Wolfenstein 3D” and go through “Doom” and “Quake” and bring pretty much all of them over to the iPhone because I’m a really big booster of the platform. And it frustrates me to no end that here we are without product yet shipping in the iPhone. We’ve had a couple of thwarted attempts at different things. I’m frustrated about it and trying to do something about it. [laughs]

As for their original title, he said that it will be designed from the ground up just for the iPhone, and that it will be “graphically impressive”. Other than that, it’s still a mystery.

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