iCraig is a great looking app for browsing Craigslist. Although the controls are very similar to how you would use the online version, the look is much classier. To get started, simply select your location, state, and city.

Once you’ve selected the main parameters, you can then filter the listings even further by searching title only, images, and/or minimum and maximum prices. When you’re done fixing everything exactly how you’d like it, just tap the Search button and wait to get a nice long list of the first 100 results for the category you selected. If you know exactly what you’re looking for and don’t feel like browsing then all you have to do is enter your keywords into the search bar. Like I said before, everything is exactly like the online version. Responding to a listing is very much the same also. Just tap the highlighted address and your device’s email app will automatically open with the address and subject already filled in.

If you have an item that you look for constantly, iCraig allows you to create a bookmark by tapping the plus sign in the upper right corner. To view your bookmarks or history, just select the bookmark icon at the bottom of the screen. This function definitely comes in handy for people who check Craigslist obsessively when needing something in particular (like me).

As far as graphics go, it’s much better looking then the website. Browsing is made less of an eyesore with black and grey pinstripes and the usual iPhone feel. The only problems I can think of are that there isn’t a way to post a listing and you can’t view the listings in landscape. Why, I have no clue. you’d think that that would be one of the first thing’s they would include! All in all the app is handsome and useful. It doesn’t have many more functions then the website, so keep in mind that your $.99 is really only getting you a better look and more portable way to rifle through a huge online yard sale. If you’re okay with the price, then you will most likely be okay with the app.

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