IBM To Launch Business Apps for iPad

IBM has announced their intention to launch several enterprise-oriented applications to the App Store geared toward the iPad, including the Lotus Connections, a tool for social networking within companies, and Lotus Notes Traveler, which encrypts email to keep the information they contain secure when it’s being moved in a portable device.

“Our customers are looking at the iPad and they’re excited about it,” says Rennie. “No one quite knows its use patterns yet, but it’s our intention to deliver as much of our portfolio as possible on it as fast as possible.”

Rennie also added that IBM plans to develop some new applications specifically for the iPad, which they plan to release to the App Store as close to the launch of the iPad as possible. “The screen real estate and the touch interface should give us the opportunity to do some very interesting things,” he says.

The company believes that the device will further blur the line between work and play, an aspect they hope to capitalize on. To them, having their software support it just makes sense.  ”Peoples’ lives don’t segment neatly between work and home. The iPad gives people what will probably be a home device, but they’re still going to want to access a full suite of business software on it,” he says. “It’ll be a device our customers will own, and they’ll expect us to support it.”

[via Forbes]

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