i.TV Update Adds Streaming Video, Remote DVR Control, Movie Ticket Purchasing

i.TV has announced an update to their application that adds the ability to use their i.TV iPhone/ iPod touch app to remotely program their DVR, view streaming video and television shows, and purchase movie tickets online.

“With this update to i.TV, we enable users to not only discover relevant media but also consume it in various ways,” said i.TV CEO, Brad Pelo. “Whether you watch TV or movies, rent DVDs or use i.TV to schedule your TiVo DVR from your iPhone, we want to make it easy for i.TV users to access media when and how they choose. In the next year, we will continue to integrate third party services that our customers use on a daily basis.”

New features:

  • TiVo®: Through a simple user interface on i.TV, broadband connected TiVo subscribers can easily link their i.TV account to their TiVo account. After setup, users can then browse i.TV to discover media and send remote recording instructions to a broadband connected TiVo DVR from wherever they are. Additional features include the capability to determine the frequency, quality and priority of a requested recording.
  • Streaming TV episodes and other videos: i.TV now offers a selection of full-length television shows, television previews and movie trailers, fan videos and other related media–including YouTube videos.
  • MovieTickets.com: Users can now easily purchase movie tickets on i.TV from MovieTickets.com via an iPhone or iPod touch.
  • The i.TV Wallet: i.TV customers can now securely store payment options for business transacted via i.TV, such as movie ticket purchases.
  • Upcoming movies: i.TV now includes trailers and show cards for movies coming to theaters within the next several months.

i.TV is available in the App Store as a free download in US and Canada.

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