How-to: Get $100 Back on a New iPad Purchased by Saturday (Hurry!)

Planning to purchase a shiny iPad this weekend? You may want to consider it now… if you are so inclined to go ahead with the risk (there is a return policy, so a discounted current-generation iPad should nonetheless be a sound investment) of ordering prior to the outcome of whether a fourth-generation iPad will be announced next week, then you could be in for one of the best deals that the”Retina Display iPad” has seen during its lifetime. Through a fairly-secretive deal, we will show you to get $100 back on a brand new, sealed iPad.

Update: Although this deal has expired, the third-generation iPad’s price of entry is now $379, if you are willing to go refurbished.

  1. Login or register for eBay. You may have better luck if your account is older, although the fine print does not exclude new members. The deal is not transferrable however, so you may need to already have an account in good standing to receive the full cash back (sorry!).
  2. Make sure eBay Bucks are configured to be included with the order. Pending any rare issues, you should be set on this front already.
  3. eBay is offering 20% cash back from select sellers in the form of eBay Bucks, with a cap of $100 per purchase. eBay Bucks are almost as good as cash since they can be redeemed towards any item on eBay. We have done the work that this step would entail by finding a seller offering iPads that is eligible:
  4. Newegg’s eBay store has a select quantity of iPads available, so hurry over to the search we setup here to check current stock. (Last we checked, third-generation 32GB in all varieties and 64GB iPads are still being offered.)
  5. Proceed to click the “Buy It Now” or “Add to Cart” button to continue to checkout to purchase your iPad.
  6. Automatically earn the $100 eBay Bucks included, which will be deposited into your account during your next payout period.
  7. Spend the eBay Bucks to your heart’s content.

If a new iPad is announced Tuesday, then you would be able to return your third-generation iPad within 30 days. This deal expires at 11:59pm PST on October 19, so not much time can be afforded considering whether to go ahead with the deal. After all, a fourth-generation iPad releasing this year is hardly guaranteed and the return process makes purchasing hassle-free so go ahead and order a holiday gift early!

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