How ‘Find My iPhone’ Helped the Cops Locate a Stolen iPhone

Ed Scanlan was robbed Thursday night. The robbers took his license, $220 in cash, his credit cards, and his iPhone. He recovered all of these stolen items while also helping the cops catch the two parolees who mugged him in the evening. What did he do? He used the iPhone’s ‘Locate my iPhone’ feature via MobileMe to find exactly where his phone was.

As soon as he was mugged, he rushed home and called 911. Using the GPS tool that is available online that corresponds with the ‘Locate my iPhone’ feature, he gave the police updates on where the phone was as the robbers moved. Soon after he was driven to a local gas station where the police has caught the two culprits for him to identify.

I’ve used the Locate my iPod feature with my 4G and it works flawlessly – not that it was robbed, just to see how well it did with identifying the absolute location of my iPod. All I had to do beforehand was set up my Mobile Me account (instructions here) and navigate to me where I typed in my Apple ID and Password; it displayed a map with the location of my iPod highlighted. From the page, I could instantly lock my iPod with a passcode, display a message with a sound, or erase all of the content on my device.

Of course this feature is more important with an iPhone due to the fact that your iPod must be connected to Wi-Fi for the feature to work – really, how often will your iPod be connected to wifi after stolen? – whereas you can always locate your iPhone. The main point I’m trying to deliver is for you to set up this feature as soon as possible because you never know when something like this could happen: it happened to us, it can certainly happen to you.