Home Depot Builds New Relationship with Apple; New iPhones Due for Employees

There soon will be new iPhones for Home Depot staff. One by one, government agencies and corporations are dropping BlackBerry for the iPhone. The home improvement retail chain is the latest to hold the distinction of being one of these entities.

In what’s sure to be a blow to BlackBerry’s ego, over 10,000 of the beleaguered units will soon be replaced with the mighty iPhone, specifically the iPhone 4S, which bowed in October of 2011.

A company representative said, “We are replacing our current base of BlackBerry technology with iPhones,” pointing out that store and district management, certain other corporate-level staffers, and field operations personnel would be the only ones to receive the new iPhones.

Home Depot is a customer that BlackBerry, formerly Research in Motion, did not want to lose; it is the largest chain of home improvement stores in the world with 2,252 locations in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and China, as of third-quarter 2012.

With this move, Home Depot joins Australia’s Treasury Department, as well as the United States’ National Transportation Safety Board and Immigration and Customs Enforcement in dumping their current smartphones for the iPhone.

Store management will be receiving their new iPhones in meetings that are scheduled soon. Which retail chain do you think will be the next to dump BlackBerry for the iPhone?  Tell us in the comments section!


[via: Apple Insider]