Hitachi’s 4.5″ Display First to Beat the Retina Display’s Pixel Density

The first company to claim the award for “being the first to take on Apple’s Retina Display challenge” can go to Hitachi for their new 4.5″ LCD display. With a 16:9 aspect ratio and an impressive 720×1280 (720p) resolution, this display is perfect for HD content and beats the Retina Display’s pixel density by just a little.┬áHitachi’s 4.5″ screen designed for mobile devices has a contrast ratio of 1,100:1, which should lead to a stunning image with deep black levels and nice saturation. The Retina Display has a lower measured contrast ratio of 800:1, so Hitachi’s display might look a little better in person in person if Hitachi’s claims are not exaggerated.

A 720p resolution on a 4.5″ display equals a pixel density of 329 pixels per inch. Apple claimed that the competition would not catch up to the staggering 326 pixels per inch 3.5″ “Retina Display” featured on the iPhone 4 and the fourth-generation iPod touch until years from its introduction. To be fair, nobody has yet to beat the Retina Display’s pixel density on a competitive screen size of about 3.5″ so their prediction may still hold true.

With mass production set to start in October, the displays still have a long way to go until they reach consumer devices. Apple may still have the only display on the market that boasts an almost unperceivable pixel space and high sharpness for quite a while.

[via MobileCrunch]