High-Fliers of the App Store

Save for the fact that these birds don’t fly, they truly are the high-fliers of the app store, having accomplished more than any other application or developer could ever dream of. At the top of the charts, four flightless birds reign over the app store. It seems birds, well the ones that really can’t fly, are every iDevice user’s favorites nowadays.

You all long know of the Angry Birds series, Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, and most recently Angry Birds Rio. The first and last taking the number one and number four spots on the charts, with the common sling-shot gameplay.

Gamevil’s Air Penguin was released just a few days ago, and it has already risen tremendously. Now in second, the application features a cute, little penguin, who you must control by tilting to get to the end of each of the included 100 levels and the survival mode.

In third, is Tiny Wings. Mary and I got so addicted to it within the first few days of its release, that we started to compete with scores via Twitter. You control a bird, once again flightless, who wants to reach the furthest island that it can possibly reach while the sun is still up.

All four of these applications have two things in common: they’re all at the top, and they all feature flightless, hard-to-resist birds. There’s really no telling how long it’ll take for the whole list to be full of these birds!

Take a look at the most recent screen capture of the top 25 as of 2:50 PM EST time on April, 16th:

Written by nkatti