Here is What the iPad 5 Could Look Like [PICS]

When the first iPad 5 rear shell image leak hit the web, it became obvious that Apple is planning to revolutionize the next generation tablet based on the success of the iPad mini design. To bring an image of the future iPad 5 to fruition, the guys from Macrumors have contacted CiccareseDesign–a designer of images of what future Apple products could look like–to create some fresh renderings of how the next generation iPad will look.

When iLounge’s Jeremy Horwitz held the iPad 5 in his hands back in January, he said that the device could be described as a stretched iPad mini, which gives us a good idea of its possible appearance. If you have held the 7-9-inch tablet in your hands, then you know that is the perfect fit in terms of portability.

The rumor mill has offered some descriptions, and the designers of CiccareseDesign have used this information as well as the rear shell photos to construct the renderings.

After making some calculations, the verdict is this: The next generation iPad appears to be notably smaller than the iPad 4, mainly because of the thinner bezels in portrait orientation and a bit smaller top and bottom bezels.

The extrapolated dimensions appear to reinforce Macotakara’s claims that the iPad 5 would be 4 mm shorter and 17 mm narrower, and 2 mm thinner than the existing design.

The iPad 4 has thicker bezels for a reason; your thumb rests on it while you hold the device. But, with the iPad mini Apple has stepped ahead and solved the thumb-on-screen issue with software.

As the iPad mini site informs consumers, “the device intelligently recognizes whether your thumb is simply resting on the display or whether you’re intentionally interacting with it.”

If you ask why they didn’t implement the feature in the iPad 4, you’re asking a good question! But in this case, the software has preceded the hardware. The iPad 4 came as a refresh of the iPad 3, carrying the Lightning connector, and a much faster CPU, hinting toward much better performance coming with the next generation tablet.

[via: Macrumors]

Written by: Istvan Fekete; Edited by: Mike Crook

Image credit: Macrumors