Help Document iPhone 3G Network Speeds Around The World

Apple’s iPhone 3G ads tout the new iPhone 3G as being fast, but just how fast is it? The ads make it seem a little utopian, showing it loading webpages almost instantaneously. However, while almost everyone agrees 3G is an improvement, it’s not nearly that fast in real life. Secondly, speeds differ for everyone. So, the only real way to find out how fast the iPhone 3G is is to ask people who use it in your area, and that’s exactly what Wired is doing.

Apple’s iPhone 3G ads are about as far from an accurate rendition of download speeds as you can get. Gizmodo decided to put them to the test, trying to replicate the speeds in Apple’s US ad titled “Unslow“. Of course, it wasn’t even close.

Still, it was only tested in one location. Chances are it will be different for just about everyone depending on where you’re at at the time. That is why the people at Wired are asking for your help to document the iPhone 3G’s download speeds at locations across the world, once and for all.

To participate, test your network speed at using the 3G network in your area. Once you have the numbers, register for a ZeeMap account and enter the information on their global ZeeMap.

The result of this will (hopefully) be a once and for all documentation of AT&T’s network and networks around the world, and the iPhone 3G’s performance on them.

Full participation instructions are on Wired’s post. Let us know if you’ll be participating in the comments.

[via Wired]

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