Happy 5th Birthday, iPhone!

June 29 marks the day Apple fans waited for in anticipation, lining up in vicious droves five years ago to be an early adopter of Apple’s next big revolutionary product – the hot must-have of the moment in 2007. It can be considered a cataclysm of sorts for Apple’s competition in the phone industry and a status symbol for consumers. Who could resist the aluminum-clad phone oozing with style that included the coolest multi-touch interface ever to come to fruition? Bearing a legend status, the original iPhone was one of the world’s most influential devices ever.

Especially at my younger age, trying the iPhone for the first time was a magical experience for me. Magical enough for me to scrounge up every last dollar I could raise to be among the early adopters just two weeks after I was swept away by a demo on release weekend at a jam-packed Apple Store (that may have caved-in on itself if just one more group of people tried to join the crowd). In fact, the anticipation swept over the tech community by the iconic keynote as well as my ownership of the initial iPhone bring to mind some of my warmest childhood memories. In a way, I wish I still had it for nostalgic purposes but thus is the post-sale fallout of getting rid of it on eBay to make way for an iPhone 3G.

iPhone Ownership Statistics

Although it lacks a Retina Display or even hardware that can be considered remotely usable in today’s current app ecosystem, 2% of iPhone users are still kicking it with the ’07 product of the year. In retrospect, the original iPhone is still a better choice than anything in the dumbphone (could say “looking at you BlackBerry,” but that’s just a cruel twisting of the definition) segment of the market.

As of May, there are 35.1 million iPhone users in the world. Despite how iOS reigns with 31.9%, it has to hand over the marketshare crown to the cheaper, on-too-many-devices-to-count Android.

Launch day memories of long lines bursting with excitement? Reminisce in the comments! How many iPhone Alley readers owned the original phone that kicked off the new generation of computing?