Hack Enables Background Processes On Jailbroken iPhones

One of the most wanted features that Apple currently doesn’t allow are background processes, or the ability for an app or part of an app to run in the background even after it’s been closed or exited. Apple doesn’t allow them because they drain battery life, but a lot of cool stuff doesn’t work without them. Fortunately, the hacking community has created a temporary solution that could be a great reason to jailbreak that iPhone.

The hack is fittingly named iPhone-Backgrounder, and it’s available for jailbroken iPhones through Cydia. Running the software, you can go to the app you want to keep open and hold down the home button until a prompt pops up. Then, if you let go and exit the app, it will continue to run in the background while you do other things. Best of all, the hack works both on jailbreak apps and apps downloaded from the App Store. (One user reported listening to Pandora while receiving background IMs and syncing at the same time!)

Unfortunately, iPhone-Backgrounder does require you to jailbreak your iPhone, so if you’re really against doing that then you’re out of luck (although this is probably one of the best reasons to jailbreak yet).

It is still a little bit buggy with duped IMs, but otherwise should run relatively well.

[via Gizmodo]

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