Gruber: Next iPhone To Have Beefier 600MHz CPU, Double RAM, More Storage

Today John Gruber weighed in with what he believes the next iPhone will be comprised of. In a nutshell, it’s everything we’ve been hearing recently, faster CPU, more RAM, more storage. However, Gruber believes that the next iPhone’s CPU will be the most significant change. He agrees with rumors that it will be increased from 400MHz to 600MHz, but the increase in speed will be greater than you’d assume from a 200MHz jump. Agreeing with today’s earlier rumor, Gruber believes that we’ll see a next generation CPU in the new iPhone.

The difference, as he pointed out, will be similar to the jump from a 486 PC CPU to a Pentium. With that jump will come greater overall performance in launching and switching apps, web browsing, and application performance.

Much of what the iPhone does now is constrained by its CPU. App launching speed, for one thing — faster app launching should make it feel more like switching between apps and less like quitting/relaunching them. Web page rendering is also significantly constrained by the CPU. When I first used NetShare I was amazed at how fast Safari on my MacBook Pro could render web pages using the iPhone’s cell network connection. Web page rendering on current iPhones is hindered at least as much, if not more, by the CPU than by the speed of the 3G network.

He also points out that we’ll see a 128 MB increase in RAM, for a total of 256 MB. I personally believe that the increase in RAM will significantly improve application performance due to the incredible constraints developers have to work with right now. The iPhone generally has about 20-30 MB of RAM free, depending on usage. If you play a game that requires lots of RAM, you’ll need as much physical RAM available as possible. A lack in physical RAM will cause the phone to start paging to the disk and in turn slow down performance.

If all that was gibberish, try this on for size: New iPhone = More RAM = better performance.

Regarding the digital compass and better camera with video recording and auto-focus, Gruber agrees. In fact, he thinks Apple will tout the next iPhone’s video recording capabilities as one of its major selling points.

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