Grocery IQ

Grocery IQ is a highly useful grocery list app that helps simplify grocery shopping in many ways. Although not nearly as attractive a package as it’s rival app, Groceries, it still teeming with a few extra things that go just a step further to make your trip to the store easier. These functions, in addition to a database of over 130,000 pre-entered items, make the app much more then just a fancy way of jotting down notes.

There are four different sections to the program: List, Favorites, History, and Aisles. List is where you start to form your… well…. list. Tapping the plus button in the top right corner will bring up a search screen where you can then browse thousands upon thousands of common and brand name items. Once you find what you’re looking for, you can then modify the size you want, what aisle it’s found in, and the quantity you’d like. If you CAN’T find the exact item you’re looking for, simply finish typing it in and then press done to edit and add manually. You also have the option to add a short side note and/or whether or not you’d like to add the item to your Favorites page.

In Favorites you’re allowed to mark and save items you buy on a regular basis. This makes things quick and easy for those of us who have 4 or 5 items they get every time they grocery shop. Filling this list with items such as a dozen large eggs and 2% milk will then later make creating a new list even easier.

Once you build up several weeks worth of lists, you can then go BACK and view them using the History tab. This is perfect for me, as I always find myself at the store looking at an item and wondering if I had bought it recently or not. It also comes in handy for those times you really liked a certain food but couldn’t quite remember where to find it.

Lastly, there’s the Aisles area. This is a pre-set list of all the typical aisles found in a grocery store. They’re organized alphabetically by default, but changing this so it matches your favorite grocery store’s layout is a cinch. You can even rename the aisles if you’d like. This way you won’t have to worry about running back and forth across the store to get items you forgot to grab before!

My problems with the program are few, but notable. For one, you can’t make more then one list. You’d think the developers would have that remedied by now! The other problem is the cramped feeling of the list. The check box really isn’t any smaller then the letters on the iPhone keypad, but it can get super infuriating to someone who is in a huge rush and touches the item below the one they were aiming for 3 times in a row! For the relaxed shopper, this app will be golden, but frantic shoppers may want to stick with the back of their kid’s homework and a chewed-up pen.

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