Groceries is a beautiful grocery list application that makes the mundane chore of shopping easy.There’s nothing more frustrating then getting home from the grocery store to realize that you’ve forgotten a crucial item. This app fixes that problem and more. Simply select your item from a massive list of products! To cross off, just tap the screen and the program will draw a red line through the item.

This grocery app has so many helpful functions packed in it, I hardly know where to start. Unlike many simpler apps of its kind, with Groceries you’re not bound to just one list. You can conjure up as many lists as you like, which comes in VERY handy if you need to go to different stores. The search function browses a database of thousands upon thousands of items, some of which are non-food items (ie. AA batteries). Even if you don’t see what you want, adding your own custom items is an intuitive 4 step process. Simply select the aisle your item is found in, select the + button, then enter your item and save. So easy!

Other features consist of sharing shopping lists via email, customizing aisles, and moving items to a different lists adding. That’s not even including my favorite feature, which is the ability to edit amounts and details to the individual items. All that conveniently wrapped in a pretty, yet simple interface! Yay!

My only real problem with Groceries is that you can’t rearrange where the items on your list are placed. Everything is grouped by aisle, but for people who shop at a place that doesn’t have the typical grocery store layout, this could result in a lot of undesired scrolling. For example, one of the grocery stores I go to has the bread section placed on the opposite side of the store then produce, while Groceries has them listen right next to each other. There are rumors that this quirk will be fixed, however, so I’m not bothered by it much.

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