Griffin Announces iPhone-Controlled Toy Helicopter

Prior to today, you could not get a decent remote controlled helicopter, or any other -esque toy, if you will, for the iPhone without also anticipating the hefty price tag that it would come accompanied with. Though today, Griffin announced, via a mass media message, that an iPhone-specific helicopter will soon be launching. All accessories and such included for the arguably cheap price of only $49.99 – a real steal for what the product seems to do.

All of those toy helicopter sim application on the App Store, I guess, have now become reality. The Griffin HELLO TC, officially speaking, is flown from your iPhone using an application from the App Store as well as the “Flight Deck”, which is an accessory/control pad/transmittor on which you dock your iPhone (see here for compatibility).

As long as the coders sitting over at Griffin are good at making responsive virtual joysticks and also at implementing an accurate calibration system, then flying the helicoper itself shouldn’t be too much of a biggie. There are two control methods, which is the one that utilizes an on-screen joystick and another tilt alternative. Apart from the initial mastering of the technique that will most probably be needed, flying the thing will undoubtedly be a blast!

Check out Griffin’s official YouTube video that showcases some of the helicopter’s features as well as adds a bit of humor to the overall mix:

If you fancy quirky toys, or cool gadgets you could easily wile your time away using, then be sure to pick up the HELLO TC once it’s released. No official dates were announced in Griffin’s PR email that they sent around to their clients, though the email did not fail to mention the “holidays” multiple times. You would have been able to pre-order the helicopter, via its official page, but I guess the widespread media coverage has made that option fairly popular; in other words, the estimated/anticipated amount of pre-orders that Griffin was going to receive was too low on their part. You can sign up to receive notification once more units become available and can also download the HELLO TC application from the App Store and just pretend that you’re flying the helicopter. Try it out, it’s quite fun if you get past the fact that you’re using your imagination to be flying a nonexistent helicopter!

The HELLO TC will be available for $49.99. For images, information and other related specifications and such, visit the official page that was linked to earlier.

The HELLO TC is compatible with the following Apple devices, and Apple devices only:
iPad 2
iPhone 3G
iPhone 3GS
iPhone 4
iPod Touch 3rd generation
iPod Touch 4th generation