Griffin Announces 8 Shiny New iPhone, iPod Accessories

True to fashion, Griffin showed up to CES with their well-designed buckets filled to the brim with shiny new toys for the CES-goers to ogle, many of them being for the iPhone and iPod touch. They have a new FM reciever, FM transmitter, microphone, chargers, car cradle, and a sport armband.

The iFM is a radio FM receiver that works in conjunction with their iFM Radio Browser app [App Store, Free] to browse radio stations on your iPhone or iPod touch.

    The Hands Free Mic with Audio Cable is a microphone for your iPhone or iPod connected to a 35-inch audio cable with an inline switch that answers incoming calls with one click, playing the audio through a car’s speakers.

      The TuneJuice Universal is a charger that holds three AA-batteries and connects them to your iPhone or iPod touch via USB cable.

        A new RoadTrip has been announced for February that sports an upgraded FM transmitter for clearer signal for $90.

        The iTrip Auto is a similar device featuring a mono/stereo switch and a charging cable with inline controls. It’s due in April for $70.

          The TuneFlex AUX is a car cradle and charger with an auxiliary audio output for cars with the available inputs that is expected in March for $60.

            The PowerJolt SE is a car charger with a 7 foot cable and LED indicator light that tells you when it’s charging, and it’s due in March for $20.

              Last but not least is the AeroSport for iPhone, a neoprene sport armband holder for the iPhone that has a pouch for a key in back and room to get to the audio jackk It’s expected later this month for $20.

                [via iPodNN]

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