Gorenje Makes ‘Made For iPod’ Refrigerator

Have you ever found yourself wanting an iPod touch dock in your kitchen, but not sure where to put it? How about in your refrigerator? Gorenje solved this problem with their fancy designer refrigerator with an iPod touch dock embedded into the front, complete with speakers for jamming to your breakfast.

Unique combination of electronic entertainment device – the cult iPod touch – and a modern fridge freezer from Gorenje opens up new dimensions of living, fun, cuisine, and household tasks. Specially designed and developed Gorenje fridge features a docking station that enables charging the iPod, playing back music and video through built-in speakers, and connecting to the world-wide-web, if wireless connection is available in the kitchen.

By their logic, the refrigerator is good, and the iPod touch is cool, so they must be even better together. They might be right, too, but we’re not sure why they list internet connectivity as a feature when it just means the ability of the iPod to pick up on Wi-Fi. Bonus points for creativity, but not sure how many people are gonna buy a fridge for an iPod dock. It does look pretty slick though.

[via Engadget]

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