Gordon Project Brings Flash To iPhone

The wait to get Adobe Flash working on the iPhone may be finally over, in a matter of speaking, thanks to an alternative technology. The Gordon project, an open source effort at github, makes it possible to load Flash .swf files on the iPhone’s Mobile Safari web browser. The technology is a little too complicated for a non-developer like myself to understand, but Erica Sadun posted a good explanation.

“…to make this work, Flash developers will need to encapsulate the SWF into an HTML wrapper, importing the Gordon JavaScript source and then loading the swf, as shown here.”

Not much has been made with it besides a few demos, but there’s a decent chance this will catch on. We’re not sure how happy Apple will be when they see this, but it’s kind of neat for us users.

You can check out two examples of flash running on your iPhone by viewing these demos in Mobile Safari.

[via TUAW]

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