Google’s Nexus One Compared to iPhone, Pre, Droid

As many of you probably already know, Google today officially released the Nexus One, the first Android-based phone to be sold by Google. But I know what you iPhone-weilding hipsters really want to know; how does it compare to the iPhone? Well my babies, the great folks over at the BillShrink blog have created a comparison chart using the specs from the iPhone, the Nexus One, the Droid, and the Pre.

The chart not only compares specs like storage capacity, battery life, and camera, but it also breaks down the total cost of the devices over the lives of their contracts. Of course there’s no obvious winner out of the bunch, but it’s great to get a nice breakdown before you start making plans to switch carriers. Graphic after the break!

[BillShrink blog via Mashable]

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