Google’s Nexus One Compared to iPhone In Photos, Video

The HTC Nexus (alias: Google Phone) has gotten a lot of hype (which we also helped promote). Many see it as the first to truly stand any chance of competing with the iPhone and providing enough competition to influence Apple, but so little was known about it that doing any meaningful comparison to the iPhone was impossible. Today that changed with the appearance of a video demo of the Nexus’s interface and comparison photos showing it next to the iPhone and HTC Hero.

While a little blurry and occasionally shaky, the video does show that the interface is a great deal more iPhone-like than it’s other 3rd party Android cousins, and is also adds some flair here and there that the iPhone doesn’t have. It also seems to be incredibly responsive; a great deal more so than the G1.
The comparison photos are also a tad blurry, but still give an idea of the basic physical differences between the devices.
[via HTC Nexus One]

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