Google Upping Mobile Standards – Mobile Homepage Updated

Time called for updating, and that’s exactly what Google did. Their previously lackluster mobile homepage has been faced with a major overhaul, which is much overdue. Open Safari on your iPhone or iPod Touch and navigate to Google; you’ll see what I mean if you regularly used Google on your device to search.

Mobile Homepage:

The new homepage has updated their interface to be much more user-friendly. Rather than simply have the Google search bar and a few URLs linking to their tools, like before, which was rather dull, the page is now lit up by icons aligning the full top width of the screen. These aesthetically pleasing icons will navigate you to Google’s different search tools/applications. Though only four are displayed, there’s also an arrow next to the last that will open a drop-down menu with every single one of Google’s helpful tools split up into two categories: search tools and applications. In total, there are 22 different icons that make navigation through Google’s wide array of tools much, much simpler. These include: Web, Images, Places, News (twice), Video, Shopping, Finance, Apps, Maps, iGoogle, Books, YouTube (twice), Gmail, Buzz, Photos, Reader, Calendar, Docs, Talk, Maps, Tasks, and Translate.

Even though it was long overdue, I’m pretty happy that Google finally got around to getting the page updated to be more innovative and efficient. If you wanted to do any of the above, before, you’d have to manually search up the tool or type in the URL; it just makes it so much easier to have everything in one place like so. Although they did improve on what they were lacking before, I would not like to see the ability to customize the homepage, especially with the new interface. If Google could incorporate Apple’s pages or drag-to-rearrange, it would be great.

On a side note, if you want all of the above but in the form of an application, Google has a large collection of applications available on the app store, which are all extremely easy to use and definitely handy.

[Via Google]